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September 16, 2020

The ‘F’ Word or Thumbs Up?

When you’re in a traffic jam or on a busy road and a white van cuts you up are you more likely to:

  • a) Swear profoundly
  • b) Hoot your horn
  • c) Get cross and stay quiet
  • d) Keep smiling and give them the thumbs up.

A "White van man" is a stereotype used for a smaller-sized commercial van driver. Typically perceived as a selfish, inconsiderate driver who is mostly petit Bourgeois and often aggressive. Most people would tick box a, b or c. Now lets ask you the same question again if you knew the drivers partner was in the vehicle  and about to give birth as he was heading off to the hospital. I think perhaps your perception of him and answer would change. I sometimes make the error of seeing strangers and even friends in the wrong way. They may have just woken up on the wrong side of bed, got a hangover or been dumped by their partner. This doesn’t make them bad. Next time you judge someone by how they look or behave take a deep breath and have a second look. You may find something surprising.

Rod Baber Founder

Posted by RBME Team