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October 8, 2020

The Dali Lama and a Super Model

What does the Dali Lama and a super model have in common?

We are all of us on a wellbeing journey whether we want to be or not. What’s most key is the direction of travel in all of the overlapping and interlinked elements that allow us to thrive as best we can… The most obvious is physical health of course. Some people are born with great genes but the vast majority of healthy looking older people are reaping the benefits of years of hard graft and self-maintenance around refuelling, exercise, sleep and general lifestyle. As the super model Heidi Klum quipped on looking fabulous at 50 “I don’t have a diet secret I’ve just never eaten as much as I wanted to”.

It’s the same with the other elements of wellbeing: relationships and mind-set. Again the Dali Lama, quipping when asked why he looked so happy all the time: “well, I’ve been practising being happy every day for 60 years now” or as Gary Player put it. ‘The harder I practise the luckier I seem to get”. It’s all about ingraining good habits in every element of WB. Not just alternating chocolate with fruit or maybe nights in the pub with nights in the gym but habits that build relationships and set off virtuous rather than vicious circles. A simple example: we know that “you’re really nice and I’ve enjoyed dating you these last months but…” means your binned! We know the meat follows the “but”. So in the same way “They’re normally OK but today they’re driving me mad” will point you at irritation and conflict. Training yourself to say inwardly (by habit) “They’re driving me mad today but normally they’re OK” will point you at empathy and a helpful conversation.

They say that every journey starts with a single step. We just need to be mindful which direction that’s in...

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