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August 7, 2020

Newsletter 1

It's great being different. Welcome to our very first newsletter. Behind all our green, brown, blue and grey eyes there are surprising, unique, incredible and amazing stories to be told. By sharing these it helps us understand and accept our differences and similarities. This new world is affecting us all in different ways. Some of us are flourishing while many of us are finding it difficult. This is a chance for you to share who you really are and by doing this it will help others. Every week we will have a theme to look at. The week it is all about acceptance. Do you like yourself?  Does something about someone get your goat? Accepting our uniqueness and valuing our differences is a worthy skill. Lets open our eyes and find what we can see.

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Eye Quiz

Not all our faces paint a thousand words. Which of these people has seen a snake charmer

Eye Quiz Showcase

Vision of the Week

Each week we will show you some inspiring, magical or simply unique ways we all see! This week Iris is sharing what she see from a mountain in Peru.

Our Visions

100’s of people have now taken part in the Read Between My Eyes journey and we’re just beginning to find out how unique we all are. From our first question we ask everyone ‘What is the best thing you have ever seen?’ these are our top answers in order so far;

Birth of Children

Something Beautiful



Friends & Family


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Time to Reflect

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In her multi-million selling book Carol Dweck stresses that the difference between success and failure in life is largely determined by mind-set. She stresses that people with a learning mind-set see almost everything as a learning opportunity. They know that mistakes are inevitable, especially if you strive for success, and it’s what you learn from the inevitable setbacks that makes all the difference.
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