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October 20, 2020

Is There a Wellbeing Silver Bullet?

Our research confirms what we’ve increasingly come to know as a truth. – that people’s wellbeing comes from a variety of inter-related sources and each person’s wellbeing experience is entirely personal. Some will never use our RBME site because they are busy reading a self-help book, or just an inspirational book – or even a book, a film or a play which isn’t intended to be inspirational but from which they take inspiration! Others are too busy exercising or working on the quality of their sleep and/or breathing. Others vastly improve the quality of their life  by improving their diet – cutting down on sugar and/or alcohol perhaps.

Others will have improved their lives by taking up something constructive and meaningful such as voluntary work or just a job they actually enjoy. Others find that what’s key for them is connecting with friends or family – or perhaps they prefer to talk to a stranger volunteering on a phone line. And others will find the material on, and feedback from, RBME really useful!  Our promise is that we’ll never forget that RBME isn’t a magic bullet and that there simply are no magic bullets! So, as well as being as useful as we can, we’ll always strive to point users at the wide variety of other resources that might be of help.

In short we’ll always take your well-being personally.

Prof Marsh

Posted by RBME Team