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November 3, 2020

Flourishing as a Lounge Lizard

I have watched more movies and read more books since March than I have in the last 6 years. Covid’s ugly face still does have some positives, such as setting times aside for being a lounge lizard. Everything we do as well as see and hear can affect who we are for good and bad. With our team of behavioural phycologists we are selecting things to read and watch that can improve various aspects of our wellbeing . Such as Tribes (David Lammy) which looks at the benign and malign effects of our need to belong, Forest Gump, a man who sees the good in all things and people and Pride, a film that should be subtitled ‘don't be afraid to be yourself, engage with strangers, empathise, flourish…’ Find out how we can make you flourish on that sofa by starting your wellbeing journey with RBME. Start your journey here

Posted by RBME Team