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November 4, 2020

Floating or Rocking?

Over the last few days lots of friends and work colleagues have shared the sacrifices they are making and people they will be missing over the next month. I’m just one of those statistics and have had to cancel a family get together with my kids and parents. My dad’s response to the news was ‘A pleasure deferred is a pleasure enhanced and when we do celebrate it will be bigger and better than ever!’. The way I look at the weeks ahead are that by knowing we are all going through similar experiences it makes things that little bit easier as we all understand what each of us is going through. Being all so unique how we will be affected will differ. Some of us will struggle, some wallow though and some even flourish. But one thing for sure is by sharing some of the thoughts in our heads this really does help… so let’s keep that boat floating and in the words of The Hues Corporation ‘Let’s rock the boat baby!’.


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