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December 11, 2020

Ancient Egyptian Solutions

Every few weeks I am inspired and become more aware of the multiple channels there are to improve our wellbeing. We are all so different which explains why there is no quick fix that suits everyone. Nick Tulloch a previous lawyer and financial advisor is both an advocate and UK lead in helping many people improve their overall wellbeing by becoming less anxious, reducing stress and sleeping better. Something much needed during a pandemic. He does this through the delivery of approved derivates from hemp originally used by ancient Egyptians over 4000 years ago to improve sight via CBD oil through Voyager CBD. When I asked him how he improved his wellbeing since the first lockdown he told me about the multiple benefits of travelling less which enabled him to spend more time with his family, becoming more productive at work, eating better, exercising more and keeping his dog happy with lots more walks.  It looks like there is always a way to find many lights at the end of every tunnel.

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