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This site uses cookies to improve the general user experience of the website.

Cookies are stored in your device by almost every website you visit, and almost all of these would not function as expected without them. However, if you still wish to disable cookies, or simply want to find out more, then you can visit

This provides an overview of how we Read Between My eyes Limited as the Data Controller, obtain, store and use your personal information. It is intended to provide a very general overview only. It is not complete and must be read in conjunction with the corresponding full sections of this Privacy Policy.
1st Party Cookies
We only use cookies once you have signed up as a user with the purpose of creating a smoother experience. The cookies are therefore exclusively used on the Profile Pages and subpages with the exception of a session Cookie to track when a user is logged in.

We use cookies to track the session of the user with their identification number. This is so that a user can stay logged in between sessions. To remove these cookies the user can simply log out.

As user contribution can take several minutes to complete, we use cookies to cache the information you supply to us. This means if you leave half way though contribution process the information is cached and when you return you can contrinue from where you left off. The cookies collected are related to the information provided to us by you, which are protected and used in accordance to our Privacy Policy
3rd Party Cookies
We have cookies from 3rd parties, Wordpress and Google Analytics.

As our site is partially built in Wordpress, cookies are collected on its behalf. These cookies are collected and used for a number of different purposes and can be found at

Google Analytics
These cookies are created by Google Analytics to provide a wide variety of services which are used to enhance our website. Google Analytics is a free analytical tool to determine where visitors of our website are from and what content they interact with. This is not shared with any third-parties and we are confident in it’s use. To be more specific, the cookie names are: _ga(x) and _gid and are both used to collect information about traffic and user activity.