About All Of Us

We are all so unique and who we are can change every day because of what we have seen or experienced. What makes one person happy one day can change the next. Because of our individuality there is no silver bullet to improve our wellbeing. We make it easy to be open which can be difficult. Being open is a big step to improving both our own and other peoples wellbeing.

The Story of Read Between My Eyes

In 2009 my 10-month-old daughter lost her sight and ability to move overnight. Out of everything she lost it was her sight that I found hardest to accept. During her time on life support she was in amazing hands as they kept her alive on ventilators and oscillators.

She finally after months started breathing again on her own. I then searched far and wide for ways to improve her life, to get her to see, to get her to hold a spoon, to get her to say just one word.

Then in 2015 an old man gifted me his camera equipment after I helped him across a mountain pass. I started taking photos of people's eyes and faces across the world, both young and old, sighted and blind. I asked everyone I photographed three questions: What is the best thing you have ever seen? What is the worst thing you have ever seen? and What do you really want to see?

It became clear we all look and see the world in our own light. I learnt that we can not only help ourselves but also help others through shared experiences. We can all learn from the purity of the young and the wisdom of the old.

True sight and the way we see things comes from the inside and tells us who we really are. In today's media savvy self-obsessed world our digital facades are over taking our real-life personas. Who we really are is being washed away by the complexity of wanting to look better.

I finally came to accept my daughter for who she was and not what she had become. The journey lead me to accept none of us can be perfect and why should we want to be. My daughter taught me the real values of being different and we are all unique which makes this world exceptional.

I would now like to share what my daughter has taught me. Being imperfect and different makes us so much more. Sharing our true selves can make the world a better and happier place.

This is for beautiful Amalie.

Rod Baber